Meet Our Founder

Hi, i'm Mona Ebrahimi, a Persian-Arab natural cosmetic formulator based in Toronto, Canada.

After resigning from being a Project Manager at an international consulting firm, and while on maternity leave with my first daughter, I pursued my passion and specialized in Natural Cosmetic Formulation at a reputable European institution.

It was important for me to set Mimar™ apart by ensuring our formulations are 100% natural and that our formulation process, end-to-end, only contained natural ingredients certified by ECOCERT and COSMOS. Upholding this standard, makes our products and brand unique.

My love for making natural products was always inspired by my Teta (maternal grandmother) who always made her own skincare using basic accessible ingredients. She was a true minimalist and taught me to appreciate simplicity and nature at a young age. She would always say that nature has a remedy for every physical ailment we experience as humans.

It has always been important for me to have people feel comfortable in their own skin, and for that a healthy skin barrier is key. I spent a few years researching the 13 premium active ingredients that make up our two products; Luna balancing face and Blue Tansy face cream . Each ingredient was carefully selected because of their ability to nourish, strengthen and protect the skin barrier.

Once you have a healthy skin barrier, you can introduce more products in your skincare routine, if needed. Remember, when it comes to skincare, less is more.

Thank you for trusting Mimar™ with your skin!

- Mona