Meet Our Founder

Hi, i'm Mona Ebrahimi, founder of Mimar™ and I'm a cosmetic formulator with a focus on organic skincare.


At Mimar™, we are very passionate about using our platform to playing a role in breaking stigmas and helping normalize what's currently 'taboo' in society.

I want people to feel comfortable in their own skin, literally and figuratively, but that can't happen unless we break down and re-build how we think about certain societal-issues. It's time to judge less and listen more. It's time to be kind and have compassion. Let's not assume we know another's story and experience. Rather, let's hold space for one another and lessen the burden simply by being there and listening

Mimar™ was born while I was my own healing journey and that is why I am so passionate about Mimar™ having social impact, rather it simply being another brand that sells organic skincare.

At Mimar™, we follow strict organic skincare formulation guidelines. So, not only are the products natural, but they're also considered 100% organic due to the fine selection of ingredients that constitute our formulations.


Thank you for coming on this journey with us. 

Mona Ebrahimi