Meet Our Founder

Hi, i'm Mona Ebrahimi, a Persian-Arab natural cosmetic formulator based in Toronto, Canada.

After resigning from being a Project Manager at an international consulting firm, and while on maternity leave with my first daughter, I pursued my passion of becoming a natural cosmetic formulator and launched Mimar™ in 2020.

Mimar™ is a a niche skincare brand known for using innovative natural science-backed ingredients with the purest blends of unrefined organic botanicals.

Our formulas are meticulously designed to elevate our customer’s experience with each product, throughout their skincare routine.

Our customers use skincare to address their individual skin concerns, however, I knew thats not all they were after. Beauty, luxury and and a unique sensorial experience was also important to them, and that it exactly what Mimar™ delivers with each product.

My love for making natural products was always inspired by my Teta (maternal grandmother) who always made her own skincare using basic accessible ingredients. She would always say that nature has a remedy for every physical ailment we experience as humans and i truly believe that!

Before I launched Mimar™, I knew I wasn't willing to compromise on any aspect of the brand. I spent months sourcing the finest, high-end natural ingredients from the most renowned suppliers around the world to truly design unique skincare that are potent and effective. Our product scent, sensory feel and effectiveness immediately sets us apart from anything you've used before.

We're currently working on some very exciting products to launch in 2024!

Thank you for coming on this journey with us!