Our Ethos / Our Approach to Natural

100% Natural: Our products are strictly formulated with COSMOS and ECOCERT certified (the international bodies who regulate natural ingredients in the skincare, cosmetics and food industries). We do not use any petroleum-based ingredients or any ingredient that is known to harm humans in any way.

Mimar's Formulator: 

All Mimar™ product formulations are formulated by our founder, Mona Ebrahimi, a certified natural cosmetic formulator. Her formulations are renowned for their multi-beneficial properties using the finest organic ingredients that target dry, dull, sensitive and acne-prone skin. With her background asProject Manager in IT and an AGILE coach, she brings agility to the way Mimar™ operates, enabling her to keep up with the finest botanicals (Read more...add link) 

Our formulas:  Our formulations are developed after years of research and months of testing on a group of people.Science-based, researched and developed for Formulated to suit all skin types, making our product line universal.

Sourcing Ingredients: All our ingredients are sourced from various reputible suppliers across Canada, United States and Europe who are transparent about their ingredient data sheets (?)

Cruelty Free: As we know all reputable ingredient suppliers no longer get on animals. We do not use any ingredient that has been tested on animals.  

Transparency: We believe that being truthful to ourselves, our customers and being true to our brand is very important. We include our entire ingredient list on our website from oils to actives to the essential oils and preservatives used.